Meet the Staff

Senior Pastors Dan and Cindy Duff

Senior Pastors Dan and Cindy Duff Bio

Assistant Pastors Mike and Melissa Williams

Pastors Mike and Melissa Williams Bio

Youth Pastors Tyler and Katie Duff

We are Tyler and Katie Duff, and we are currently the youth pastors and college group leaders. We have a passion and vision from God to see our generation set on fire and pursuing Jesus with everything! We want to see them abandon what this world has to offer and instead say yes to the one who created this world! We believe that this generation will see an awakening and move of God like no other, which is what we are praying for. We want to see souls saved, lives healed, and captives set free all for the glory of Jesus!

Children's Church Pastors Rich and Daleana Wylde

Hello, and welcome to Calvary Family Church! As the children’s pastors, we both have a deep love for the children we teach. Our goal is to lay a solid foundation in the Word of God, teaching that God’s Word is more than just words on paper, but that It is alive and filled with truth. We want to see the children not only learn about the giftings and fruit of the Holy Spirit, but to operate in them. Our purpose is the first “link in the chain”, preparing the children with that foundation that our youth pastors, and eventually our senior pastors, can build upon. Oh, and we have lots of fun doing it! 

Outreach Pastors Colt and Missy Gross

Our heart is to reach a lost and desperate people and rise up disciples that walk in the fullness of Christ. We seek to empower and encourage all the generations through the truths that are displayed in the Bible. We want to see believers strengthened in their confidence in the Holy Spirit. We want to see believers secure in their identity, forever striving to be closer to Christ. We are believing that our city, state, and nation will turn to the one true King!